Mark & Gwen Brague



dedicated to seeing marriages and families reconnected and come back to life after the heart wrenching experience of betrayal.

RLM has a unique perspective on marriage. We exist for all marriages, but having served as full-time pastors have a special heart for those who serve the church body in ministry. Surviving such heartache and experiencing the grace of God to rebuild your confidence, your marriage and your family is the heart-beat and soul of this ministry.

Betrayal can take on many forms; physical affairs, emotional affairs and virtual affairs. Statistics of pornography in the pulpit are staggering. Which leads to the question “Where does the Pastor run when they are most vulnerable? Who do they tell?

As a spouse of a pastor, we sit on the front row of the congregation. As a pastor, we stand in our pulpits. Both wondering who will understand and who we can trust with our deepest darkest weaknesses, discoveries and disappointments.

God loves you and the pastors. HE has a way back to wholeness.

We Gotcha Covered!

It's Always the Right time!

We were humbled to be guests on Jodi Rosser’s Depth podcast. If you’d like to listen to our story, we are Episode #16.