the beautiful ugly truth

Study Guide

Betrayal is difficult to navigate. When you have experienced any kind of betrayal it is so painfully exhausting to trust again. We understandably build walls around our emotions and our heart declaring to ourselves nothing or no-one will ever hurt us like this again. It’s just too great a risk. So we are left there behind our walls, broken and vulnerable, seeking self protection. Yet, behind those fortified walls, not only do we shut off our emotions, we shut out God, himself.

Gwen understands the stakes are high to open up emotionally. Whatever your betrayal, Jesus gives us a plan on how to rebuild trust and feel whole again. In this study, Gwen will transparently walk you through the next six week on how to rebuild trust. We will study some notable kings in the Old Testament, the battles they faced, and the valleys where these battles took place. Through this study of the kings, not only will you experience the faithfulness of God, but in the middle of your betrayal, you will learn how to rebuild trust in God and prayerfully with others. You will discover along the way, God has a plan and it has always been for your good. Gwen will help you rebuild your trust in God, recover your life and reconnect with others. Commit to these next six weeks and believe God for your breakthrough knowing, “He has made everything beautiful in its time.” Ecclesiastes 3:11 (ESV)

The Book